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Tiny Firefighters Seek & Find

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Help those tiny firefighters and policemen in our interactive seek & find book! Many parents & kids asked for it. Now it is here: The Seek & Find Activity Book all about firefighters and policemen.HIGHLIGHTS ------------------------------ Fire department stories and adventures involving fighting fires as well as saving, rescuing and helping people and animals.
+ Fire! Fire!: help the brave firefighters to put out the blaze + The cute cow is stuck: get her out of the pond using the crane truck + The pussy cat has got stuck up the tree: rescue him and bring him down again + A storm has caused havoc: help the fire department to remove a fallen tree
New: Discover the adventures of busy policemen! + Catch the pickpocket! + Support the special operation and catch the burglar! + Oh no, the magpie stole the jewels! Can the Police cat get them back? + Safely escort the celebrity in his limousine + Fly against the witch and Superman in your Police helicopter!
...and many more adventures with the firefighters and policemen: the speeding car, the cheeky crow, the smart firefighter, the lazy policeman, the dancing traffic officer, the crazy duck and the funny horse...
Our promise ------------------------------ + Your child will discover lots of little connected stories + Parents too will keep finding new hidden details + It’ll not only be your kid enjoying this app.
Customer reviews ------------------------------ „Tiny Firefighters is a great seek and find app for toddlers and preschoolers.“ ( „A really enjoyable (and lighthearted) interactive scene with lots going on for the busy firefighters.“ ( App of the Week award at and included in the Top 10 Apps of the Month at